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Sebastian Felix Ernst
karl (minus) marx (minus) strasse (nummer) 38
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Made In Singapore

free diploma research and book project, with Christ und Gantenbein Architekten, ETH Zürich 2014 learn more



Berliner Remise

ARCH+ 225 Legislating Architecture, Berlin Building Code study and article, for Georg Augustin with Martin Tessarz at Universität Kassel 2016 learn more



Remote Material Deposition

Project leader and research assistent for Gramazio Kohler at ETH Zurich, Sitterwerk St Gallen 2014 learn more



Typology Transfer

Student assistent, drawings and photography for Christ und Gantenbein at ETH Zurich, New York 2012 learn more




Material World

thesis topic for a two semester programm, construction, norms and codes of building materials, study and design project, at DIA Dessau 2018-2019 learn more




City Is Loft

research and drawings, student assistant, book project CITY AS LOFT for Martina Baum and Kees Christiaanse, at ETH Zurich 2012 learn more


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